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Winchester Club House

Winchester Club House

IN Architecture, Construction
Investor Name:
Joseph Reckelhoff
Published Date:
January 1, 1970
Winchester, KY
314900 $
Joseph Reckelhoff
About Project

frontLexington Living with a View (And for $20k Less)

It’s no secret that land in Lexington is hard to come by. Even if you are lucky enough to find a good lot that is suitable for the house you want, in the right location, you won’t get much. A typical lot that we would build on could only be 1/8th of an acre and cost over $80,000! On top of that, there is most likely a house 10 feet next to yours – NOT IN FAIRHOLME ESTATES!

In searching for the perfect location outside of Lexington, we had several criteria:

  1. Must be within 20 minutes of Lexington’s Hamburg Shopping Center.
  2. Lots must be under $50,000 and must be 1/2 an acre or larger.
  3. Must be nearby to local entertainment.

Boy, did we find what we were looking for. Fairholme Estates features much larger lots, which means you can build homes with a larger footprint. This allows us to incorporate more square footage for less and dramatically increase our production value. The result is a beautiful, secluded, and nature-friendly home that would easily cost 20,000 more in Lexington (which is just 20-minutes away).


A Built-In Resort

So you buy a new home and are excited to move in. THEN you realize that it comes with a tennis court. Oh, and a 4-star restaurant, a golf course, and acres upon acres of meticulously maintained landscaping that you can stroll through at your leisure. Have kids? Great! There’s a pool they can use any time during the long summer season. All this is a hop, skip, and a jump from your own backyard at the Winchester Country Club! Sounds too good to be true, but this is exactly what you’ve found at our spec home in Winchester KY.

…And did we mention that it’s within 3 minutes of your home?