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A Case Study in Lighting

Walnut Grove Home Lighting

IN Construction
Investor Name:
Doug S.
Published Date:
January 11, 2016
Winning Colors Ln, Lexington, KY
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About Project
LED Track Lights

Track Lights in Hallway

This home, located in the quiet subdivision of Walnut Grove, has many features worth noting. The 3 car garage, completely frameless shower glass in the master bath, and a custom doggie-door access built into the sliding glass door are just some of what this unique home has to offer. However, we are focusing on what this homeowner did right that nearly ALL new construction clients can learn from – making the right lighting decisions.

To get started, here are a few items of note that this home used to it’s advantage:

LED Bulbs are Worth It

Especially wise to use in hard-to-reach places, these bulbs will last up to 25 times longer between changes and use 75% less energy than incandescent equivalents. Be prepared to spend more, but be satisfied knowing that you are saving both time and money in doing so.

Use CAN Lights Sparingly

Each new HBR homeowner is given a CAN light allowance ( say, between 10-20 CAN lights) in addition to an overall lighting budget. When doing an electrical walk-through, we urge homeowners to keep in mind that one light fixture, such as track lighting, can be used en lieu of several CAN lights. This homeowner put this to practice by using track lighting in a hallway, allowing for more CAN light placement in bathrooms and the Great Room.

Hanging Modern Light

Light fixtures with a bit more character often work well in Dining Rooms and Eating Areas.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Bold Choices

We encourage homeowners to put some thought into selecting fixtures with a bit of character for areas such as dining rooms and eating areas. These “sitting rooms” benefit from having more visually interesting light fixtures to act as conversation pieces for friends and family.

You Can Always Pre-Wire!

It’s important to keep resale in mind while wiring for lights and ceiling fans. In some situations where only a light fixture is to be used, it can be cost-effective to pre-wire for a ceiling fan for future resale purposes. The cost of installing a ceiling fan after drywall/paint (especially between a 1st and 2nd story) increase dramatically. When in doubt, we suggest that you pre-wire.

Beware of Ceiling Fans with Remotes

This may come as a surprise to some, but there does exist a type of ceiling fan which can ONLY be operated using a wireless remote. These fans will use both a light and a fan, but only have 1-wire and 1 switch to operate them. This means that you cannot operate the light and the fan independently without the remote. In our experience, these remotes frequently disappear, break, and run out of battery and are not worth the hassle.